Wednesday, December 06, 2006

grad panels next week

I think I'll be ready for grad panels, but one can never be sure. We have to have 1 minute of animation, 3 rendered scenes, and an updated production schedule. Wheee!

Here's a little look at what my watercolour work process is like...generally I just spread things out on tables. I was unsure with some of my backgrounds as to if I should keep them as boils as it was a bit too hectic-looking for me, but I think I will just bump them down to 7.5 frames a second (I've been doing the rest at 15 fps on 2's, so essentially 30, or 29.97 fps.) far tests at that speed have looked pretty decent, so that's my plan for now.

I just finished making all my waterbottles bob. They may be bobbing too fast. Darn it all!