Tuesday, May 23, 2006

catching up! (may 05-20)

Alright....I'll still be a few days behind, and I have two days' drawings at work that I'll need to go get and scan, but here we are!

May 5:
Drawings at the NAAM. the night before we moved out of the Dolphin, a few of us went to the naam, and I first drew some random girls at the table across from us, and then Heather.

may 6:
I had two plates of breakfast at the omlettery the next morning! second breakfast is awesome, I have discovered. It means you only need to eat olives for dinner. The feet are jordyn's.

May 7: We got on the train the next day. This is me drawing Heather drawing me as we moved through the valleys of the lowe mainland.

May 8: Lots for this day, since we were on a train for all of it. Mountains and people and travelling companions!

May 9:
And the next morning I started work! There is a roll of tape in my office, that is for sure!

may 10: There was a volunteer in at work who was sitting behind me....he kept speaking softly and I thought it was what he was typing since he was doing data entry, but eventually I realized he was praying and kept repeating "AHmen AHmen AHmen" over and over.

may 11: a boring drawing of an old lady at the coffee shop where I was having lunch.
may 12:

may 15: a lady sitting in the legislative grounds.

may 16: oven mitt!

may 17:
drawing this picture made me late for my own play, unwittingly.

may 18:
a girl on the bus and weird attempts.

may 19: a crappy doodle, but I actually have a kind of neat sketch from the 19th that I'm going to put some goache to and see what happens!

may 20:
part of a mask that I bought once in barcelona for a lovely young gentleman

more coming....soon!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

delays, delays

just wanted to mention that I have no moniter at the moment, so until the one I ordered gets in, I won't be able to post my drawings (as my parents' computer has no image editing programs). however, when I do get one I'll have a super-update with everything that I've missed since last thursday!

Friday, May 05, 2006

May 4! Cleaning and packing big time, part one! Zellers brand window cleaner is called "truly".
The end!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today was a day on the beach, so today's drawing is a bunch of quick sketches of the people in attendance at said beach party. The drawings are kind of weird because my hand was not working that well? It was cold, since it went in the ocean a bunch? SO it was kind of numb and weird. In any case, the ocean was awesome and now there's a bunch of sand in my sketchbook. Ah, well, it was totally worth it!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

may 01-02

the drawing-a-day starts! they may not all be posted here every day, but I will post a drawing from each day here from now until late August, if that makes any sense!

Heather's doing it too, over at heathertoes.livejournal.com, in a bit of a different way!

The May 01 drawing here is weird, my dresser with some kid on it. I drew it while lying in bed. I tried to colour it but failed, so it's rawwwww. Ballpoint pen.

The second drawing is of Jordyn and her cat, who were both sleeping on a cot in our kitchen this morning extremely cutely. it was pretty awesome.