Thursday, June 17, 2010

moving day

you can find this production blog over this-a-way, now:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the new film

So, it's taken me far, far too long, but it is in fact happening. I'm one week into actual production of my new little film after months and months of redoing storyboards and agonizing over what the heck I'm doing with this project. I think I have to realize that each film is like a stepping stone, and none of them are going to be perfect. That said, I'm pretty excited about this piece and I'm hoping that it will turn out well.

I decided a while back that I will be doing this project on video rather than on film....this was a very hard decision to make as I have received a grant that gives me access to all the supplies and facilities I would need to make a 35mm, it does also give me the same to make a video, but I do have more of those supplies already myself so I feel like maybe it's not the best use of the grant. Really it boils down to the film itself -- I looked at it every way I could, and in the end realized that I would have to sacrifice a lot of what I wanted the film to be if I made it on 35mm (since I would essentially have to do it all on one layer). Thus - video it is, this time around. My next project I'll tailor specifically to film, I think.

This new project is called 'Collectables' under the grant I applied for, but that is a working title that I'm not a big fan of. However, the character in it is named Celeste, and I have pages and pages of title ideas, so perhaps I'll come up with one soon.

Until then, I've got to head down to the studio, but I'll leave you with this sheet of colour tests. Still not sure which way I'm going on this one.