Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So here's a shot of my little animation setup -- I have some more photos over at my flickr account of my sketchy line-test setup (my computer was too slow to be able to test anything over 80 frames at once, but it helped me get a sense of things at least) and of the process in general. Animation mainly happened in the week or two before my deadline (as these things will tend to do, as helped along by a trip to Alberta when I got nothing done and the holiday season in general), but for the most part it went well.

Shooting. After the last minute scramble to get all of the animation done (including animating all of the sponsor/afcoop/omf logos which took longer than I expected but which I think were worth it in the end), I first went into the animation room on the evening of the 31st of January. I had gotten my mentor to give me a quick reminder session and go through all the steps of loading the camera and shooting fades and such the night before, so I was feeling pretty confident. I still had a bit to ink, so I shot one chunk that day and one the day after -- the process itself went fairly quickly and I got into the groove and just went for it.

On my way to my second day of shooting I came across some NSCAD students in the parking lot beside the animation room, shooting a film about -- bikes! I took some photos of them (like a stalker) and we chatted for a bit about bike films. I deem it to be a good omen!

Turning in my film was a wonderful feeling, after a week of craziness and scrambling. The OMF coordinator had forgotten that I was still shooting and sent the main batch of films in so I had to wait a few weeks before it would be sent for processing (with everyone else's credits), but to have it all shot and done with was incredible.