Friday, June 30, 2006

june 28 +29

june 28 + 29:
a lady and some weird floating clothes, what can I say? It felt nice to be doing some good ol' ink washes with the lady there, I haven't actually done that in a while. I referenced the dress from a Victorian-era dress of a woman who lived in Essex, but I really screwed up the bottom (so I cut most of it off, ha ha!).

I need a new brush, and also to learn how to carry my brush around with me without damaging it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

june 25 + 26

june 25:
friends in the sun!

june 26:
A portrait of a girl in a play that I am doing poster design/other assorted drawing-like things for. This was a first test for some portraits they wanted, but I think we're going to go a lot more cartoony in the end.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

june 22-24

june 22:
staff meetings are fun.

june 23:
free lifedrawing is the best kind of lifedrawing. totally.

june 24:
vroom? vroom.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

june 17-20

yellow paper time!

june 17:
last-minute, things on dorian's desk hastily drawn late at night:

june 18:
father's day picnic: people sit.

june 19:
the only time I watch a hockey game this year (well, part of one. with my grandparents), and they lose. this was a fan in the corner of the living room. get it? hockey fan? eh? eh?

june 20:
A weird unfinished thing.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

june 8-12

not much in this batch. I continuted on my profile-drawing bit, but they all turned out rather boring.

random faces:

weird looking drawing of dorian:
my mom and verb watching raisin' cain perform:

raisin' cain and context:

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

june 05-07

Hooray! Totally back on track. "On the wagon" as it were.

june 6:
I went to a 25th wedding anniversary that was a surprise to I had thought it was for different people than it was actually for. Good thing I hadn't given them the card yet! It was at a fancy restaurant and I drew this on the back of the menu. It is my lovely almost-sister-in-law.

june 5:
just some weird doodle with watercolour.

june 7:

yay yay yay!

Monday, June 05, 2006

june 01-04

And I am caught up! These are not quite right, ie, I did a few on the 2nd and none on the 1st in actuality, but I am covered for each day so far and will attempt to be more in-line for the rest of the summer! The problem is that I am kind of living in two places at once, and one of them only has dialup. But enough with the excuses!

june 01:
a weird lady in a....ballet leotard of some sort? This was drawn by firelight!

june 02:
another of the same. she reminds me of miranda july, though that was unintentional.

june 03:
more with the ladies!
june 04:
I made dorian model for me while we were waiting for a play to start and his theatre buddies were laughing at him for being doomed to the fate of those who date art school kids. I was having problems with the face and decided to ink it, then lost interest as it was making it look worse. Then the play started, so I just added in more details in photoshop.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

the rest of May!

I did get a bit behind here, but here's the rest of May! My goal for June is to start dating the drawings again and posting more often. But here goes! I didn't get quite to the end, I apologize.

May 22:
An old guy from a National Geographic magazine.

May 24:
What can be more exciting than hands? Not much.

May 25:
A weird little drawing of a girl.

May 26:
Based on a girl I was volunteering with.

May 28:
His name is Adam and I had to invent his mouth because he moved