Sunday, January 28, 2007


I've been kind of stalled on my film again recently as a result of Too Much Other Stuff. I've done all the 9 walkcycles for the crowd scene, but that's about it. But one thing I did do is a piece drawn from the waterbottle scene for the show 'shift', which is on at the Concourse Gallery right now and deals with environmental issues.

Since my camera was nearbye I decided to take pictures of each stage of this (pretty simple) piece, just for fun. So I figured I'd post them just for the heck of it.

01 - weaterbottles drawn and outlined in brown pencil, labels painted.

02 - inside of waterbottles painted

03- basic "water" background filled in.

04- water painted over bottles

05- all water gone over, darkened. At this point I was rather upset with the piece because it really wasn't looking as good as I wanted it too (I'm really still quite a dunce with watercolours since though I'm using them for my film it's in a quite slap-and-dash manner)

06- the next morning I went in and darkened the outlines around all the bottles, and I was a bit happier with it, which was good as I had to get it in to the show that afternoon for placing.

07 - and here it is on the wall! I titled it "Water(bottles)" just because I am a jerk and like brackets in titles, as ridiculous (pretentious?) as they may be.

Monday, January 15, 2007


It's a new term and I'm back into the swing of things, pretty much. First up: crowd scenes. Here's some stills from walk cycles I've been doing of background characters. They're all in brown/earth tones -- the kid in front of them will be blue and green so he pops more....and also for the (somewhat too) obvious symbolism.

I hope to be updating this thing more often, weekly at least. Productivity! Hopefully it'll all happen.