Monday, July 31, 2006

end of july

and it's upon us already! august!

I sort of totally didn't draw much for a week. Weird. In any case, here I am back now with the last few days of July.....

july 28:
part of a garbage bin at rehearshal, and then a blind countour lang while....sitting somewhere?

july 30:
In a realllllly delicious Pad Thai restaurant with my parents and Dorian; this was what Dorian's beer looked like before he spilled it all over the table.

july 31:
A doodle while watching movies with an awesome cote and a cute puppy. It's a girl in profile! Holding a bowl-ish thing! Wowie!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

july 14 - 20

A new batch of mostly scribbles!

july 14:
A monoprint that I made as a demo for a class I was teaching at my work. Fiddled around with in Photoshop. I've never done much printmaking, so this was fun and I may do more of this kind of thing!

july 15 and 16:
the local river city shakespeare company put on delightful performances of hamlet and taming of the shrew this year. I always adore their costumes (designed by narda mccarroll for as long as I've been seeing them), so I'll usually bring along the ol' sketchbook to doodle some while they perform. I meant to fancy these up a bit, but ....oh, well.

july 17:
obviously from the same inspiration as the previous day, I doodled these while at an art workshop run by my good friend jordyn. I was really tired for some reason that day.

july 18:
yeah, so this week turned into "week of vests and hats". A doodle while I was learning about my chinese zodiac signs (ox/snake/rooster, though the last two don't seem to fit).

july 19-20:
I did eleven of these portraits altogether, for the programme for the production of 'the green room' which will be premiereing at the athabasca fringe festival tomorrow at 9pm, and then at the edmonton fringe later on.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

july 11 and 12 were a drawing filled time.

lots of weird little work doodles here! Be prepared for some Disregarded Anatomical Correctness.

july 11:
First off, a lot of these are a result of my having seen 'Mirrormask' finally. A great film with a greatly underdeveloped story, it got me on a mask and coloured skin kick, mostly influenced by the character 'Valentine'.

I don't know what this one is, but it was the first.

On staff meeting notes. A hipster greaser and a lady pirate (yes, I saw the film).

I think this one's my favourite of the bunch? from the same staff meeting, I like the two people flanking the middle one.

july 12:

masks and markers:

trying to do...children's illustration? I don't know. Something. I don't like how it turned out, but it was a try.

A character design? Gone wrong? We had these tall strips of paper at work that I borrowed one or two of. Again, I apologize for the anatomy. Yeeks.

Another trio, and again I dislike the middle and like the sides.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

july thus far

july 1:
we went on a road trip/camping trip over the long weekend. Here's some sleepers. Canada Day Nap.

july 2:
we went to the royal tyrrell museum during the trip and I did a bunch of quick dino-sketches there.

july 3,4,5:
I didn't do much else during this time, but I did work on one of my webcomics, May. Here's a panel.

june 6:
a rough draft of some costume design ideas for a play that I'm in that will be in the Vancouver Fringe this year.