Thursday, October 23, 2008

one minute film

It's official! Workshops have already started for the One 
Minute Film Scholarship program, and our proposal was 
accepted! That means that I'll be writing here from 
time to time about the film's progress and fun stuff 
like that.

The first workshop was all about story, and after a few examples 
and talk about the mechanics of scriptwriting for film, we had a 
roundtable panel going over everyone's project individually. I'm 
the only one doing animation, but it looks like there's going to 
be a lot of great films being made.

Because I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, here's the 
basics on our project:

Kate and Bradbury: A hand-drawn animated short about the 
relationship between a kite and a bicycle.
When Kate, a free-wheeling bicycle, fails to propel herself up a hill, she becomes 
despondent. However, soon afterwards she comes across Bradbury the kite, 
who is having trouble catching a breeze. When the two make a connection, 
they learn that they just might be able to help each other out.

For our submission we sent in a brief summary of the plot and 
then rough storyboards, which I may post here eventually. 
My turn under the microscope at the roundtable was pretty 
painless; the main suggestion that I reveived was that some 
of the random "biking around" scenes could be shortened down 
and get right to the point (the hill), which I definitely agree 
with and will help with the time limit.

Tonight I go in for the first "Intro to 16mm" class, on which I 
will report back later.