Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aug 11-13

August 11 and 13 are from the Folk Fest and an old doodle that I coloured up, accidently shut off power on my computer before saving, and then scanned and coloured agian. Wheee! I think I liked the first version better (in that one it was night-time and the sky was dark blue.

In any case, I am heading out on holidays tomorrow morning, so there'll be a lot of nothing for a week, and then a lot of everything. in theory.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

long weekend pictures

I don't even know if we have an excuse for the long weekend (a la "BC Day") here in Alberta. Is it Heritage Weekend, or am I just thinking of the Heritage Days? In any case....

august 5:
doodles from Chapters, where I was sitting for 4 hours manning a zine table. And then, one from the lake, where I went after work.

august 6:
the next day. A face!

august 7:
this one was a doodle inspired by a crochet hat jordyn made. It's called "The Mariner Stole My Salty Heart". Ha ha ha!

august 9:
August 8 was comics again, so here's the 9th: staff meeting doodles amalgamated.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


the first few days of August I was drawing comics that I'm not posting yet, but here's what I did on the 4th day!